The intended audience of this page is recruiters and potential collaborators. It was wholly inspired by Josh Goller's FAQ.

What do you offer?

Mission Motivated

I'm certain about my long-term priorities and how I want spend my time, attention, and effort. I want to become among the best engineers working on the most important problems. If given sufficient support and opportunity towards those ends, there is no limit to how consistently hard I will work. Give me a worthy mission, and I will put boundless effort into it.

Increasing Value

I have a particular talent for building frontends for consumer-facing web and mobile applications, but I'm also a generalist engineer that is increasingly capable at leading backend efforts. I am curious and focused towards deepening my knowledge of cloud architectures, security, and low-level software/hardware systems. I'm constantly investing in my growth as an engineer, and I seek to help those around me grow towards their own goals.

Process Focused

I'm obsessively organized and thorough. Colleagues have expressed their appreciation for the care I put into understanding a problem, exploring solutions, and explaining the best choices to stake holders. I'm always looking for opportunities to improve inefficient team processes and reduce barriers to clear and open communication.

Remote Native

I'm exceptionally comfortable working on distributed and diverse teams. I have spent much time working as a remote contractor while living abroad in Europe, Asia, and Oceania. My current team is spread across the US and EU.

What is your background?

I found my love for technology later than most. I stumbled into programming as an adult, while self-studying all the mathematics I never truly learned in California public schools. Freshly empowered as an autodidact through online learning resources like Khan Academy, and seeking more math problems to tackle, a forum pointed me to Project Euler. Thoroughly intrigued by those mathematical programming problems, I resolved to learn my first programming language (Python).

That was the beginning of what became a meandering path: a desire to build the futures I loved visiting in science fiction novels, an incomplete Computer Science degree, sporadic work as a contract web developer to fund physical hobbies and travels abroad, refocusing on becoming a great engineer, joining a startup's engineering team, experiencing an acquisition, and now resolving to work on important problems.

While on that meandering path, I've been building full stack consumer-facing web and mobile applications. See my resume for experience and technology specifics.

What kind of work are you interested in?

Currently, I'd like to use my skillset as a web/native application engineer towards efforts within the following important problem domains.

  • Smarter Cities
  • Public Health/Safety
  • Human Longevity
  • Environmental Rejuvenation
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces

My priority is to maximize both my growth as an engineer and my impact towards a worthy future. I'd like to join an organization that is as invested in my growth as I am in the mission. I am interested in opportunities to grow my knowledge and skillset towards the following areas.

  • Distributed Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Machine Learning

I'm especially interested to work on integrated suites of software and hardware products that require close collaboration between software and hardware teams.

What kind of work aren't you interested in?

I don't want to help with efforts to further hijack people's time, attention, and money towards useless (or plain harmful) products and content. The paycheck doesn't displace the emptiness.

I don't want to be pigeonholed into a strictly frontend engineering role. I'm taking steps to grow my knowledge of cloud infrastructure and system architecture so that I can take on challenges in those domains. I'd like there to be opportunities for me to do so.

How will you fit our company culture?

  • Our basic needs, health and security come first.
  • Time and attention are most valuable. Let's not waste them.
  • Let's cultivate an environment of learning, teaching and mastery.
  • Let's be open about our struggles so that we can help each other.
  • Let's push (with care and encouragement) each other to do excellent work.
  • The best solutions are more important to me than who proposes them.
  • People are fallible, but also redeemable, curious, and open minded.
  • We're serious engineers, but let's not forget we are also silly humans.

Where do you reside and hold citizenship?

I am a citizen of the United States. I currently live in Seattle, Washington. I would not choose to live anywhere in the US other than the Pacific Northwest, but I would consider relocation for the right opportunity and mission.

Do you prefer on-site or remote work?

No preference, but it depends on the specifics. Most of my career, I have been a remote employee on distributed teams. I enjoy having so much freedom over my environment and schedule. However, given the right work environment and facilities, I'm perfectly happy working on-site. I do have some general preferences for both and each arrangement.



  • Dedication to being remote-first
  • Allowance for home office costs


  • Strong financial and logistical support for any relocation
  • Biking distance from attractive and reasonable housing
  • Fitness facilities are on-site or walking distance away
  • Various options for workstation preferences