Mason Medeiros

πŸ“­ medeiros.mck at gmail

I'm a software engineer, based in Seattle, with 3+ years of experience working on diverse distributed teams, building consumer-facing web/native applications.
Learning and problem solving are my passions. I thrive in cultures that cultivate peer education and a growth mindset.

Experience & Skills

Software Engineer

QL Gaming Group (acq. by Audacy), Remote – Feb 2020 - Current

Full-stack web and mobile applications engineering team for BetQL products

  • Coordinated with product, content, marketing, and customer support teams to identify ongoing challenges and technical solutions; participated in agile sprints of planning and implementation
  • Built React and React Native UI components that increased user engagement around team stats, betting stats, game analysis, and leaderboard features
  • Developed efficient Node.js + MySQL batch processing scripts to calculate user betting stats and game popularity for real-time data display on frontends
  • Developed automated testing suites with Jest to ensure ongoing dependability of critical purchase, subscription, and data sync services in Node.js backend
  • Increased rendering performance and reduced bugs in web and mobile apps by refactoring legacy frontend components with React Hooks and TypeScript
  • Improved user conversion by implementing more intuitive signup/subscription UI flows and integrating Facebook and Apple authentication
  • Developed efficient data models and API endpoints with in-memory caching systems to save compute and deliver faster results
  • Decreased feature development time from weeks to days by helping to migrate many legacy Python services into a single Node.js backend
  • Helped marketing team make more informed decisions by implementing granular usage tracking events throughout web/mobile UI components
  • Helped content teams act on more decisions without developer assistance by integrating data from multiple content management APIs directly into live applications

Stack: TypeScript, Next.js, React, React Native, Node.js, Python, MySQL, Apollo GraphQL, Google Cloud Platform

Web Engineer (Contract)

The Option Agency, Remote – Jun 2020 - Feb 2020 (7 mo)

Lead development during rebranding and overhaul of the agency's content/web systems

  • Improved agency web experience and client acquisition by building a talent submission, profile catalog and search application with hybrid rendering strategies in Next.js
  • Established development best practices and continuous integration of features with deployment infrastructure and build systems setup in GitHub hooks and Vercel
  • Enabled implementation of custom frontend experiences by decoupling the agency's web hosting and build systems from monolithic content/talent management platform
  • Informed content/talent management platform's engineering team around changes to their backend APIs to better serve as a "headless" CMS to custom frontend applications

Stack: JavaScript, Next.js, Node.js, React, Vercel, Syngency CMS

Web Engineer (Contract)

Select Design, Remote – Jan 2020 - Jun 2020 (6 mo)

  • Developed a service for sharing auth protected previews of ongoing client projects.
  • Optimized data fetching and rendering in existing React components and GraphQL queries
  • Setup infrastructure and developed proofs-of-concept for using "serverless" functions hosted on Netlify

Stack: JavaScript, Gatsby.js, Node.js, React, Netlify, Prismic CMS

Web Engineer (Contract)

Team Studio, Remote / Portland, OR – Sep 2018 - Jun 2019 (10 mo)

  • Lead development of internal and client web development projects that focused on content delivery, interactive visual experiences, and custom online store fronts
  • Worked closely with clients and design teams to inform the technical challenges involved in their aspirations, helping to manage promises/expectations around schedule and budget

Stack: JavaScript, React, Next.js, Node.js, Netlify, Prismic CMS

Prior Consulting Clients:

This Design, CO-Lab, Mandell Experiences, Bonsai Mirai


Computer Science & Software Engineering

Bradfield School of Computer Science β€” San Francisco, CA (Remote) β€” 2021-Current

Courses: Computer Architecture & Software/Hardware Interface

Independent Study

Subjects: Web & Mobile Application Development, Application Security, Relational Databases Management Systems, Software Design Patterns, Software Testing & Quality Assurance, User Interface Design, Cloud Computing, Project Management

Bachelor's of Computer Science

Portland State University β€”Β Portland, OR β€” Uncompleted

Courses: Programming, Software Development, Algorithms & Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Discrete Mathematics, Web Applications